Terms of Use

Find Japanese Artists.(hereinafter called "FJA") set the following "Terms of Use" when you access our Internet online shop.
1. Compliance with fundamental issues
Upon use of the Service, please observe and understand all morals and manners, and the technical rules of general Internet use.
2. Various effects and factors when this site is used by customers. 
The services provided by FJA are intended for anyone who wants various settings such as e-mail and letters that have been made properly. We do not take any responsibility to various effects and the resulting behavior by the persons that have not used this site properly. In addition, even if you have met the above conditions, and even if you by (including all causes beyond our control) including all circumstances related to Internet usage preferences of other customers, this service does not work correctly, we do not take responsibility.
3. Privacy Policy 
FJA handles "Privacy Policy" posted in this site appropriately. 
4. Purchase of goods
When you make a purchase, you will enter the personal information including your name, phone number, e-mail address, and address of the visitor. If there is an error in the customer information that is entered in this case, you can not receive the provision of the service.
5. Use of personal information
We will use your personal information for the following purposes. 
  (1) The information by e-mail of the services FJA provides, and download sales of goods requested by customers.This includes all information related to other products or information related to this business. 
  (2) The guidance of our products by e-mail  
  (3) User support for goods or services 
6. Strict observance of the purchase reservation policies that apply to this service,cannot be 
changed or the reservation canceled once the reservation is made.
7. Transfer of ownership 
After downloading, we shall be exempt from delivery responsibility of the items in the sale as a seller of our company. All products purchased in our company are transferred ownership of the product and to our customers 
8. Prohibition of resale
We are prohibited to be providers to third parties for resale for the purpose of profit, products purchased from us.
9. Prohibited matter 
When using this service customers are not permitted to do the following: 
  (1) Acts that could infringe on other customers, or a third party, the rights of copyright, property rights, or privacy.  
  (2) Customers may not act to harm or disadvantage other customers, or any third party in any way. 
  (3) Acts of slander to other customers, or a third party, or our company. 
  (4) Act contrary to public order and morals, or act to cause fear to anyone or any third party, or provide information contrary to public policy 
  (5) Acts that  lead to criminal acts or criminal conduct, 
  (6) Acts that are related to an election period or election campaigns  
  (7) Engage in activities related to sex, religion, or political things. 
  (8) Acts for the purpose of commercial or in connection with the present service, or acts for the purpose of its preparation without the consent of FJA through the Service. 
  (9) Act to provide or use the harmful programs such as computer viruses through the service. 
  (10) Acts that may violate or are in violation of laws and regulations. 
10. Abort and interruption of the service.
  (1) If applicable to the following matters, we will assume or stop operation of this service.  
   ((1)) In the case of an emergency or regular maintenance of the system, for the service.  
   ((2)) When FJA can't offer the service by emergency war, riot, labor dispute, earthquake, 
        volcanic eruption, flood, tsunami, fire, or power failure. 
   ((3)) When FJA needs temporary interruption to operational service.
  (2) Regarding discontinuance or interruption of this service based on the preceding paragraph, 
CSI shall have no liability to customers. 
11. Disclaimer
  (1) Even though the providers provide a variety of information about the Service, if any delay, change, stop, or abolition, occurred in relation to this service by an unknown source other this service causing damages to customers or third parties, FJA will not assume any 
  (2) In addition, the use of this service will be conducted at customers' own risk.
  (3) FJA handles personal information you input upon the use of this service appropriately, and they are strictly controlled under encryption processing, but please understand that it is not possible to guarantee the complete privacy protection of customers because there is a limit to keeping the security completely on the Internet business partners and FJA do not guarantee the safety, accuracy, reliability, availability, freshness, legality, about morality regarding the information that we or you get  through the services and obtained through e-mail. Therefore FJA shall have no liability even if you or any third party suffered damage through the information and service FJA provides or through information customers obtain. 
  (4) FJA shall have no liability to customers about the information linked from our site for services. Please use at your own risk under the terms and conditions of the website when you use the linked websites. 
12. Court of competent jurisdiction
  (1) When disputes arise between our customers and FJA in the connection with the Service, it shall be settled in good faith between the parties. 
  (2) For litigation If the problem persists even after the consultation, FJA agreed to Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court as the exclusive jurisdiction court.