Privacy Policy

Find Japanese Artists Ltd.( hereinafter called "FJA" ) respects customers privacy and places a high management priority on properly protecting Personal Information. In this regard, FJA will comply with applicable laws and regulations, and has established the following policies and rules regarding handling of Personal Information. 
【1】Basic Policy 
【2】The Purpose of Use 
【3】Providing to Third Parties 
【4】Disclosure, Correction, Cessation of Use
【1】Basic Policy --------------------------- 
FJA recognizes the importance of customers' personal information and will endeavor to handle it in an appropriate manner. To provide better goods and services, FJA will maintain the following policies and be responsible for the protection of customers' personal information.
      1. Compliance
          FJA strictly observes "the Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and  other relevant regulations and guidelines 
      2. Management Framework
          Regarding handling personal information and relevant systems, FJA has established internal regulations and rules for    respective related operations, and in accordance with it, also established a management framework to protect personal data assigning person in charge at each relevant divisions.
      3. Obtaining Personal Information
          FJA will endeavor to clearly specify the necessary information such as purpose(s) of use, and obtain consent when we are asking for Personal Information.  
      4. Use of Personal Information
          FJA will use Personal Information only within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose(s) of the use which has been specified in advance. Customer can request for cessation of use to the Customer Center. (noted as follows)
      5. Providing to Third Party 
         FJA will not provide Personal Information to any third party except in the following cases.
        (1) When the customer has given a prior consent to the disclosure.
        (2) When complying to laws and regulations.
        (3) When FJA consigns the handling of personal information to a third party within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose(s) of use.
      6.Procedure for Request
        FJA complies with the following requests from customers concerning the customer's personal data held by FJA in practical matters:
        1) Request for disclosure      
        2) Request for corrections
        3) Request for addition    
        4) Request for deletion  
        5) Request for cessation of use or disclosure to third parties
       FJA may ask customers for identification in the above procedures.
      7. Personal Data Accuracy
         FJA will take appropriate measures to maintain accuracy and up-to-dateness of personal data.
      8. Security Control Measures
         FJA will take necessary and appropriate security control measures in line with existing technical standards and implement corrective actions to protect entrusted Personal Information from unauthorized access, leakage, modification, loss, destruction, etc.
      9. Education and Training 
          Regarding personal information security, to ensures that all the employee recognize its importance, FJA will provide internal education and training to employees.
      10. Supervision of Subcontractor(s) 
          FJA may subcontract the processing of entrusted Personal Information to a third party within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose(s) of use. Based on the contract, such a third party should endeavor to strictly control personal information, and its process will be supervised adequately by FJA. 
      11. Continuous Improvement of Internal System 
           FJA will endeavor to improve internal compliance systems by continuous reviewing of Privacy Policy, internal regulations and rules to handle entrusted Personal Information properly.
      12. Revisions of Privacy Policy 
           From time to time, FJA may revise Privacy Policy, in that case, FJA will announce its change at official website.
【2】The Purpose of Use ---------------------- 
       FJA will utilize Personal Information to achieve following the purposes of use.
      1.Ensure smooth administration in the scope of following business domain.        
          (Sending direct mail, Contact via call, Contact via e-mail, Web administration, etc.) 
         (1) Contents (Music) distribution business via internet 
         (2) Information collection, maintenance, processing, provision via internet. 
         *From time to time, the business domain above may be changed.
      2.Providing to third parties to achieve the purpose of use stated above.
      3.Utilize for customer analysis and research to develop new goods and service.
      4.Provide Customer Service to whom under contract with FJA.
【3】Providing to Third Parties ----------------------------- 
Entrusted Personal Information held by FJA may be provided to third parties within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose(s) of use by electric data or printed list including name, home address, phone number, mail address, etc. In response to requests from customer, FJA will stop provision of his or her personal information to third parties. But even after stopping that, when FJA gets a disclosure order from court and a disclosure order from a criminal-investigation authority, FJA may provide the personal information. 
【4】Disclosure, Correction, Cessation of Use ------------ 
FJA will disclose, correct, or stop to using entrusted Personal Information according to the request from customer who provided it to FJA. When customers  want to make a request like these, please contact the Customer Center by e-mail, or Find Japanese Artists Ltd. by phone or mail. Contact information as follows, 
■Find Japanese Artists Ltd. Official Website
■ Customer Center : info@findjapaneseartists.com